Muscles imbalances that are not corrected can lead to chronic pain and increase for injury. Corrective Exercise is a 4 step program that helps to address muscle imbalance and postural dysfunction. After an assessment to identify muscle imbalances, we will work to release  and stretch tight muscles, then activate  and strengthen weak and underactive muscles.

- Need help getting started with an exercise routine?
- Do you have repetitive, chronic complaints of pain or dysfunction in one or more areas?
- Want more ease, confidence, and freedom of movement?
- Do you have a job where you sit a lot?

The practitioners of CCBT consider exercise a necessary component of one’s path to health and vitality.  Erin Steller is not only a Certified Personal Trainer and Corrective Exercise Specialist, but also a Licensed Massage Therapist. She will work with you to create a individualized program that meets your needs and helps you to reach your personal goals.