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Kelly Clark, LMT

​Bodywork has significant meaning because it distinguishes therapeutic techniques from relaxation Swedish/spa massage. The work I do uses a quality of relaxed presence to engage constructive healing with a more specific and focused outcome. Using seventeen years of structural integration knowledge, I can recognize the holding pattern of the body and then support it in unwinding the tension being held. My technique is methodical and reliable which allows you to relax into the process and just experience an inspired and creative healing process.

Many of my testimonials love this ‘indescribable’ work. Clients that really benefit from this work are maturing athletes, active seniors, or someone who has a chronic (long term) pain. This is usually because they are looking to recover mobility and resilience as part of their healing.

My best clients are people who enjoy life, play hard and seek ways to take care of themselves so that they can continue. They range from collegiate athletes and senior Olympians to nursing mothers and very active grandmothers. Clients feel relaxed during massage because they feel attended to. From this relaxed place they are able to explore the creative and powerful healing capacity their own body has when it is supported and listened to. I have helped a 65 year old man run his first marathon with his son. I have helped a grandmother relieve back pain from a brilliant career as an ER nurse so she can play with her grandchildren two days a week and hike with her husband in mountains to birdwatch. What is your goal? I’m curious to know.

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