Over my 30 years of practicing chiropractic in Michigan, it has been my pleasure to care for patients of all ages.  My youngest patient was one month old, my eldest a 95 year old gentleman.  The problems people present with are varied, unique, and sometimes mysterious in nature.  What I offer is a hands on approach designed to find muscular, joint, tissue and bone health and dysfunction.  The patient and I discover the causes of the condition, then look for ways to alleviate and sometimes cure the symptoms.  My approach incorporates the muscle testing of Applied Kinesiology, deep muscle release of trigger point therapy, table traction of Cox Flexion Distraction and pelvic blocking technique of SacroOccipital Therapy.

Over the last 15 years, I have lectured extensively at University of Michigan for medical students, interns and family practice residents.  Yearly I teach a one day module on chiropractic and chronic pain to a group of U of M professors coming from all departments.  I spearheaded collaborating care for Veterans with the VA hospital in Ann Arbor.  It is my belief and practice to work with other care providers of all types in a team approach seeking the highest well being of our patients.

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