Linda Berry, DC

Linda Berry, DC

My training and experience as a chiropractor over the last 30 years reflects my desire to treat each person as a whole.  I am certified in Applied Kinesiology, a technique that incorporates nutrition, acupressure, reflex point analysis, emotional factors, joints and muscles in assessment and treatment of the individual.  With so many possible causes of dis-ease and pain, and with the multiple ways to assist people toward health, it is essential look, listen, touch and educate our patients.  My depth of experience and interaction within the larger Ann Arbor Healthcare community has helped bridge relationships with many types of providers in addition to those within our group. I routinely refer to, consult with and accept referrals from primary care doctors, physical therapists, the Veterans Administration, obstetricians, psychologists and physical medicine specialists.

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Kathleen Dvorak, DC

Kathleen Dvorak, DC

I draw from a variety of approaches to give you thorough, thoughtful care in a safe, supportive environment. My work is eclectic. In concert with you, I may choose from traditional manual orlow-force Activator instrument adjustments, soft tissue work, energy work including Reiki, CranioSacral therapy, and trauma healing / somatic release work, including grounding. Reiki, Trauma Healing and CranioSacral therapy may be incorporated into a chiropractic session, or for more in-depth work, may be booked as separate 1-hour sessions. I address diet, nutrition, sleep, stress, ergonomics, and other life style considerations.

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Sheila McGreal, DC

With every patient treatment, I help resolve injuries to muscles, tendons, ligaments and nerves. This is often done by removing mechanical obstructions related to misaligned spinal, cranial & muscular structures. Our nervous system transmits impulses of intelligence from brain to body and back to brain. Any impairment to this transmission affects our ability to express life fully. Precise application of treatment to the areas that have lost function often decrease pain and improve well being.

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Sarah Girard, LMT


I believe there are multiple facets involved in creating a lifestyle based upon wellness. Massage Therapy plays an integral role in this process by aiding the mind and body connection. Mental and physical awareness are essential for an individual to heal and be well. 

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